Video Editor | Motion Graphics Designer | Producer

Pfizer Demo Reel

This is a demo reel of my work at Pfizer. From talking heads, global product launches and internal meetings to intense motion-graphics sizzle reels, I handled it all. Often I would be given low-quality source material, such as small WMV files, and asked to turn it into something dynamic and interesting. I worked with After Effects to composite graphics and videos into a project that would be attention-grabbing and unique for my clients. Please excuse the visual quality of some of the clips, much of what we did was distributed as WMV files on our internal network, so our master files for work that was only online were not the best quality.
As this work was done while at Pfizer, the content is proprietary to the company and can not be shared with the general public. If you would like to see this sample of my work, please contact me directly to get a password for the video. Thanks.