Video Editor | Motion Graphics Designer | Producer



I have ten years’ experience as a storyteller working on documentary series, narrative, branded and commercial content. My experience includes both work as a freelancer and as a full-time staff editor, with Pfizer Inc. and Hall Media Productions. As a freelancer I have worked with a variety of companies, from journalists at Time Inc. to large corporate clients like Verizon and boutique production houses and academic institutions. I also I lead the helm of a long term project to produce the documentary, One of Eight, a film about the impact of severe mental illness on a family, currently in festival submissions.


I am program agnostic, having worked extensively with Final Cut Pro, Premiere and Avid systems on both PC and Mac. I am a streamlined and self-driven editor, able to hop back and forth between complex After Effects motion graphics and editorial workflow seamlessly. I know how to navigate vast infrastructure, branding guidelines and corporate structure. I thrive on a busy environment, and am able to shift gears and jump onto projects on a moment’s notice. I provide exceptional service for clients in one-on-one sessions and can continue to bring their vision to life once they’ve left the room. I love working with a team, and look forward to new collaborations, both in what I can learn and what I can bring to the table.

I believe my editorial skills and technical know-how combined with my understanding of the life cycle of a project make me a great addition to any team. If you're looking to expand your ranks or just looking for some new talent for your freelance pool, drop me a line. I'd love to chat with you about what I can bring to your team.