Video Editor | Motion Graphics Designer | Producer


Coinage is a video-first brand covering personal finance that runs across 22 Time Inc. sites. With a goal of producing 600 short-form videos throughout 2017, the team needed to ramp up fast and hit the ground running. I was brought on to help with the launch, and took on the role of Post Production Manager and Lead Designer. Inspired from the logo design, I created a graphic style and treatment that would work well across all the coinage videos, no matter which of Time Inc’s brand’s website the videos landed on. While there was a small Coinage team producing videos, each Time Inc. brand was also able to produce content for Coinage. In order to unify the look across the many people creating videos, I created a video brand guideline and graphic templates that could be used by junior editors and other brand editors alike. Coinage launched successfully and is well on track to meet their 600 video goal by the end of the year. In addition, my brand guideline was used as a sample to encourage other Time Inc. video teams to clarify and refine their graphic looks and create their own video brand guidelines.